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Mandalingo Chinese School is an independent language school that offers authentic, fun and interactive mandarin lessons for children from Chinese and non-Chinese families.

We offer online and offline classes from September 2023.

Traditional passive ways of learning Mandarin are sometimes very effective, but we believe that the main purpose of studying a language is to be interactive, immersive and fun and be able to communicate effectively and naturally in everyday life.

Studies show that learning Chinese at an early age will help with the child's brain development and pronunciation as Mandarin is a tonal language.

We believe in the importance of building a solid foundation for your child, and motivation is the key in learning the language. Our lessons are conducted in an immersive learning environment with innovative and interactive teaching methods.

When children are motivated in learning the language, they could easily work towards their YCT, HSK or GCSE. MandaLingo is here to assist you and your children along the journey.

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当孩子们对汉语学习有了足够的兴趣后,他们便会更容易更主动地去接受更多的挑战,比如参加中国汉办组织的汉语水平考试 YCT, HSK, 或者英国的GCSE考试。满格汉语学校诚挚地希望在您孩子学习汉语的过程中能提供最专业的教学服务并一路相伴。

Latest News

I highly recommend MandaLingo Chinese School. Qian has been amazing with my son, he has progressed so much in just a few months and covered a range of topics. Most importantly, she makes learning fun – to hear laughter from the kids whilst they learn and are stretched is lovely.…

Mrs R Marshall, VIP group, Woodford Green

Qian has taught our girls in after school clubs for the last few years. She tailored the activities to suit the ages of the girls, ranging from year 7 to year 12. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the activities, particularly when they tried to eat with chopsticks. It’s a pleasure to…

Ms Dawson, after school clubs coordinator, Woodford County High school, Woodford Green

My son really enjoys his Mandarin lessons with Qian. Her classes are always tailored to his learning needs. Every lesson is a lively experience introducing specific vocabulary and grammar. Qian is patient, encouraging and has a great sense of humour.

Alex's mum, private tution, Woodford Green

Qian proved herself to be a dedicated, enthusiastic, hardworking, loyal and supportive colleague. She was an outstanding class teacher who was capable of getting work of a high standard from the children in her care. She was highly respected throughout the school by teachers, children and parents.

Miss. Kate Jennings, Headteacher, Mission Grove Primary School, Walthamstow, London

MandaLingo Students

Students who come to MandaLingo will be learning Mandarin Chinese as all-rounders, as we will be teaching Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing and with culture. Non-native and native Chinese children are all welcome. We keep our mandarin classes smaller and make sure everyone gets their best learning experience.

Students who joined our Mandarin lessons are coming from a lot of different areas, such as Woodford, Woodford Green, South Woodoford, Wanstead, Buckhurst Hill, Highams Park, Loughton, Ilford and Stratford and so on.
Since we are offering lessons online now, you can join our mandarin classes from anywhere.

A lot of events and activities are coming up. So watch this space!

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