Translation & Proofreading

Mandalingo also offers English and Chinese translation and proofreading services.

Our team members hold a PhD and Masters degrees and have vast experience of translating and proofreading university essays, CVs and business documents. They are extremely fluent in both English and Chinese.
Previous highlights include the translation of business plans for the opening of an International school in China for a London based consultancy company and a large display in the China Royal Post Office Museum in Beijing.

Please contact us for more details.

Mandalingo 不仅可为当地的外国家庭和华人家庭提供高质量中文教学,并可为华人家庭提供英文文书校对、翻译等服务,如:大学论文、简历、商业文书等。我们的团队均有英国名校博士和硕士文凭,并对不同的文书规定和格式有着广泛的经验。