Effect from 8 May 2019


• For new students: a registration form must be completed online. All fees (course fees and or textbooks) must be paid in advance before the term starts. A place will only be secured once payment has been received successfully.
• Once the term starts, fees are non-refundable. Fees will be refunded only if the student provides a medical certificate (see Refund Policy below).
• Notice period: Students or parents must provide 8 weeks' notice in writing to school office if they wish to withdraw from a course. If adequate notice is not given, then lessons must be paid the fee for the full term.
• The annual fee is to be paid by 31st July of each year.
• Sibling discount: 10% off of annual fee for each sibling.
• A MINIMUM of 4 students is required for the school to open a class. Should the number fall below 4, parents or students will be informed in advance before the term starts. Private tuition or VIP group lessons can be arranged in that case. Teaching locations may be different from the classroom but remain locally.


All fees are non-refundable except in the following circumstances:
• If a class is closed within 3 weeks of the beginning of term due to insufficient enrolments, or reasons beyond our control, a pro-rata refund will be given.
• Medical reasons (a copy of medical certificate is required). A refund will only be given for illness which necessitates an absence of more than 3 consecutive weeks from a class.
• The teacher is absent due to sickness or family emergencies, and no alternate teacher or lesson is arranged, the lesson fee of that week will be refunded.
• Other than in the case of class closure, an administrative charge of £30 will be deducted from the refund.


• The school is opposed to discrimination, bullying, and anti-social behaviour and will not tolerate it.
• We strongly recommend that parents with children under 8 remain at or near the premises and reachable at all time while your child/children are at the lesson in case of an emergency.


Child Protection Measures
The purpose of the measure is:
To promote the recognition by children and adults of each other as individuals with a right to respect within a caring and safety environment.

There are specific rules that relate to the safe use of the classroom and other facilities in Woodford County High School:
• No chewing gum is allowed inside or outside the building and the campus
• No shouting inside the building
• Instruction for the safe use of all property must be adhered to
• Do not damage any properties including tables, chairs and smart boards
• Do not eat or drink inside the classrooms, except special circumstances such as hot weather or medical reasons and with permission from the teacher
• No dropping litter on the floor either in the classrooms or in the corridors
• Follow all the rules that Woodford County High School's safety measures.
• For pupils who are attending our regular weekend classes, we may take pictures or filming short video clips for promotion and training purposes. Please inform us in writing if your children are NOT allowed to have photos and video taken for these purposes. We will not use your children's images for any other purposes. Your child's personal information is safe with us and will not be passed or shared to third parties.


• Children should be sent to and picked up from the School by parent/s or guardian, unless agreement has signed if children are asked to go by themselves.
• Children under 12 must not go out of the front gate without being accompanied by an adult.
• Parent/s or guardian must inform the teacher if you will come late for picking up your child/ren and leave contact number.
• MandaLingo is responsible for the safety of pupils during the lesson hour who have registered with us. For those who haven't been registered with us and the children who are under the school age, their parents/guardians must take full responsibility for their safety.
• Parents and guardians are responsible to your child's personal accident or death.
• MandaLingo is not liable for the loss or theft of pupils' clothing or personal effects and any items are therefore brought into the class at the pupil/parents' own risk. Parents can assist by ensuring that valuable and unnecessarily expensive items are not brought into the class.
• Teachers and other staff must not accept custody of any such items.

• Teacher/s to make pupils aware of the safety issue when they are in the classroom.
• Teachers to keep pupils whose parents or guardians would be late to pick them up until safe hand over.
• Child abuse - physically or verbally - is forbidden at all time.

School Policy on 1-1 Tuition

Assessment & Trial Lesson:
A student will receive a free assessment/trial lesson before committing to the full-term learning.

The school primarily follows Redbridge term-time; however, it may differ based on the school's own arrangement. Any variations will be arranged and notified in the proposed schedule well in advance.

The tuition fee must be deposited into the tutor's account no later than the day before the lesson starts. Fees quoted are for the current term and are subject to increase or adjustment every September, marking the beginning of each school year.

If, for any reason, the student cannot join the lesson, please provide at least 24 hours' notice. The earlier, the better. If a cancellation occurs on the same day as the lesson, the fee will still be charged. If the teacher is unable to deliver the lesson, sufficient notice will be given, and the lesson will be rearranged to another day, or the fee will not be charged, with the credit carried over to the next term. If the student does not continue in the next term, the fee will be refunded to the parent's account provided.

Students who aim on taking exams are required to complete any homework assigned by the teacher and spend at least 2 hours per week on the subject to ensure learning outcomes and make progress toward achieving the target.

The teacher will be flexible to accommodate the student's needs. Email, WhatsApp, or arranged phone calls will be open for parents to discuss their child's progress. A lesson report is provided each week after the tuition session to keep parents updated.

Determination of Tuition and Refund:
To terminate the tuition service, a half-term notice is required from both sides. Any unused credit will be refunded upon sufficient notice given.